Industrial Kitchen & Hood Filter Cleaning in Tampa, FL

Industrial Kitchen & Hood Filter Cleaning in Tampa, FL

From floor to ceiling, we've got all of your deep cleaning needs covered.

A & A's Cleaners is your local professional for all industrial kitchen cleaning. We specialize in cleaning commercial and industrial spaces that have built-up dirt and grease and keeping your commercial kitchen safe from catching fire. We have a variety of methods to help polish your commercial kitchen space, including:

  • Floor polishing
  • Hood filter cleaning
  • Oven and grill range cleaning
  • Sink and dishwasher polishing

A & A's Cleaners knows how to get below the built-up dirt and grease in your kitchen. We use the best grade chemicals to clean your range and bring your stainless-steel appliances back to life.

Cleaning the hood range and filter are standard practices in an industrial kitchen cleaning. Each day, more and more food particles build up on the hood and can be a serious hazard in your staff's workspace. Our goal is to provide safety for you and your team by maintaining a clean and grease-free kitchen.

You'll feel at ease knowing your kitchen is safe from those potential hazards caused by layers of food and grease on your kitchen's hood range, and you and your staff will think that the kitchen is brand new all over again. Call A & A's Cleaners today at 813-748-8806 to clean your industrial kitchen in Tampa, FL.